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Empty Tomb Witnessing Jewelry

Empty Tomb Witnessing Pendants depict the empty tomb of Christ on Calvary mountain with the three crosses on the hill. They are made in five different metals, sterling silver, 14k gold, brass, copper and aluminum, and come in two different sizes. The large size is approximately the size of a U.S. quarter and the small size is roughly the size of a U.S. dime. (The large Tomb is approx 26mm or 1inch, the small Tomb is 14mm or .55 inch)

Any pendant may be ordered alone or in various configurations. 

Chains are available in 22", 24" &  30" as standard lengths for a necklace (other lengths are available as special order). 7" chain is a typical bracelet, 9" for anklets. 

Chains are available in many styles; such as Rope, Morse Code, Filigree, Open Link, Ball (three different diameters), Box and Anodized Aluminum twisted links in a variety of colors (red, violet, green, blue & black).

Pendants are also available on Puca shell necklaces, rainbow beaded cording (7"), braided leather (7") and black chokers. 

Click here to see chain samples.

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Sterling Silver Rings

Many styles of rings including the popular Jesus ring. 

We have toe rings in several styles. 

Rings come in standard sizes from size 5 to 9, to fit women & children.
Men's rings are available from size 10 to 14

(Jesus rings are also available in 14K gold in limited sizes).

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Eternal Truth Pins & Earrings

Tie tacks, lapel pins, key chains, earrings, money clips are all current items in stock with The Empty Tomb

Made in sterling silver in the two sizes (approx 14mm /.55 inch & 26mm / 1 inch) and feature the same graphic design as the pendants. 

Earrings come as stud, hoop or French wire and may be ordered individually or in pairs.

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Miscellaneous Items

We have something for those of you who haven't found what you like elsewhere. We have assorted theme bandana's (patriotic for one). 

ETWJ pins (new 7-05), call about hats, T-shirts and patches.

Fish car emblems in two sizes, large approximately 135mm / 5.4" & small (two in a package) approximately 65mm / 2.5".  The small ones come in two colors, silver & gold. The large ones are currently only available in gold. (2-06)


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